Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMR?

International Medical Response is an experienced network of medical professionals that provide custom medical transport to and from anywhere in Mexico.

What types of medical emergencies does IMR provide?

Cardiac, trauma, respiratory, neurological and any other type of medical urgency that may require medical evacuation.

Does IMR take medical insurance?

In circumstances involving critical injury or illness, most medical and travel insurance will cover the cost of medically necessary ambulatory services. Our team will work diligently with patients, families and medical/travel insurance companies in order to answer questions before, during and after services are rendered.

How do I contact IMR in the event of a medical emergency?

Please see list of bases and contact information.

Which countries does IMR service?

IMR has ground ambulance service in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Can IMR deliver me to as hospital or medical facility of my choice?

Yes, we make every effort to fulfill our patients request unless, immediate urgent medical attention is required, we must recur to the nearest trauma facility.

Does IMR provide transportation for relatives of the patient?

Yes, in most cases a family member or companion may accompany the patient during the transport.

Privacy Practices/Aviso de Privacidad:

Please click on the link – AVISO DE PRIVACIDAD INTEGRAL IMR (04 MAY 2017).